We often hear that a healthy way of eating takes a lot of time and prep work; some people think that we need more money for it, or that the plant-based menu is boring and monotonous.

With this blog post, we will break any such myth and show you how a plant-based menu can be delicious, varied, and accessible to everyone and at the same time receive all nutritional values that our body needs for healthy and strong function and good energetic flow.

Our suggestions for a simple replacement of conventional foods with plant-based ones

Plant-based milk or beverages - In bigger supermarkets, their choice increases daily, but we can also make them ourselves. We suggest that you select them according to your preferences in taste and the nutritional value you want to bring into your diet - for more fat (also protein) choose nut and seed milk, for more carbohydrates choose grain-based beverages.

  • Coconut

  • Almond

  • Hemp

  • Hazelnut

  • Rice

  • Millet

  • Soy

We can also simply replace dairy products with plant-based products.

  • Yogurt (coconut, almond,...)

  • Cream (coconut,...)

  • Plant-based butter, curd, and cheese are increasingly available on the market - there are few options with healthy ingredients, so check the declaration before buying.

  • Spreads (almond, soy, cashew nut,...)

Proteins are present in many plant-based foods - legumes, seeds, and nuts can be bought in any store.

  • Lentil (red, yellow, green, black beluga)

  • Chickpeas

  • Beans

  • Lupini beans

  • Soybeans

  • Tofu

  • Tempeh

  • Mushrooms

  • Peanuts

  • Seeds (hemp, flax, sunflower, pumpkin, chia, and sesame)

  • Nuts (almonds, walnuts, and cashews,...)

  • Plant-based protein powders (e.g. rice, pea, hemp, pumpkin protein,...)

When choosing healthy fats, we advise you to use whole fats (like seeds and nuts) in addition to oils. Choose between:

  • Olives

  • Avocado

  • Nuts

  • Seeds