Carefully open the coconuts at the top and pour out the water through a sieve to remove any parts of the shell. Then halve the coconuts and hollow out the white coconut meat and blend it, together with coconut water, in a blender until smooth. If you feel that the mixture is too thick, add some water.


Chop shallots in a food processor, water-fry them in a pan until soft, add salt and pepper, marjoram, and tomato paste until you get a nice aroma. Blend carrots in a food processor and add them, together with water, to the mixture. Cook until the carrots are still al dente.


Water in our bodies has one of the key roles - as it is the main building block of our cells - this is why the cellular hydration is directly connected to our physical health, metabolism, and blood pressure, as well as the levels of energy, mood, and concentration; it also significantly impacts the quality of our sleep.

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