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"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

Liza Login

I have been pursuing plant-based nutrition for many years, as I believe it can help us get healthier physically and mentally. I will soon graduate at The Open University in Health Science BSc. Besides my university degree, I am also gaining knowledge in the principles of naturopathy. It is my hobby and my calling to spread the knowledge about our body, health and the laws of nature.

Kaja Pogacar

Lover of life, traveling and culinary, but mostly I love the food that speaks to us within and helps us maintain a bright and sparkling inner Sun. With food we also maintain the primary connection with Earth. I approach life and cuisine holistically, adding fresh herbs and spices according to our needs and daily essence. Primarily, our body is very sensible - it tells us what we need, it reacts to everything we consume on all levels. My inner guidance is live and let live.

Marjanca Jemec

I am a bachelor of Economics, in the field of project management, At the same time I am on a lifelong mission researching healthy nutrition, well-being and all the places and gifts nature has to offer. I lovingly create delicious dishes full of nutrients and life, as I believe that we can pamper our body and spirit at the same time as consciously caring for our planet. My greatest wish is to pass the knowledge about the healthy lifestyle and nature's intelligence on to as many people as possible so they can be attuned with their bodies, and to joyfully and consciously choose only the best for themselves and their children.

Meta Jovan

I believe that creativity is one of the main principles of one's personal development and innovativeness. I nurture it in the business environment and in my free time. My main activity is interior design, creating aesthetically pleasing and functional houses. Spaces adapt to the habits of our lives, but the kitchen traditionally stays the heart of every home. I, like many others, most joyfully dedicate my time to cooking delicious meals, made quick and simple.

Katja Susnik

I am an anthropologist and cultural studies major, but also a skillful creator and nature lover. I am forever an optimist, a passionate cook, and a loving mother. I believe in the power of empathy towards people, animals, and nature as a whole, as it leads to changes that our planet desperately needs. Happy, blissful, and fulfilled life are not just sayings from an esoteric book, this kind of life is my personal goal.

Sandra Sebeglia

Life and motherhood have opened a completely different view of the world for me. The world where material goods are not as important as seeing one another, respecting nature, and realizing we are all one. I love to travel, explore hidden gems of nature, and enjoy great culinary moments. I believe that we can change the world and spread the love with our consciousness.

Iza Sia Login

If we want to reach our personal or business goals, we need plenty of creative energy which we can only obtain with a healthy and fluid body. I have met with positive experiences of healthy living more than 25 years ago and through years I was only gaining more knowledge. My friends often ask me for advice on plant-based nutrition, food supplements, ways of reaching internal peace and freedom, effective exercise, in short about a healthy life-style. This was my motive to build Aphrodite’s Body, a community or a movement, where we will bring together experts and those who are seeking, with their knowledge and experience.

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