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Seeds, nuts, legumes, and grains are a source of new life as they hide within themselves everything that is necessary for the development and growth of a new plant - they are a storage of nutrients as a sprout and extra food are hiding under the seed coat. However, until these are activated, their nutritional status remains at rest and is closely guarded by food inhibitors (anti-nutrients) present in the coat - until the time of sprouting occurs.

There are two important groups of inhibitors in nuts and seeds:

- Phytates that we need to be aware of if we have problems with bones, anemia, or mineral deficiency.

- Enzyme inhibitors that significantly affect the performance of our digestion and cause potential intestinal irritability.

Therefore, in order to increase the nutrition of seeds and nuts, they should be "awakened", which is done in the first step by soaking them in salted water (salt activates enzymes that inhibit enzyme inhibitors). The seed receives a signal that the time of sprouting has come, it is activated and largely releases the above-mentioned inhibitors into the water and increases its enzymatic, vitamin, and mineral value. Besides, the bioavailability of amino acids and essential fatty acids naturally occurring in them is increased.

Because seeds and nuts are a quick and easy meal, we need to pay attention to them being organically produced and activated and that we only consume them as a part of our diverse whole-food diet as they are, in addition to the high nutritional value, also full of calories. In any case, they represent a good quality source of protein in a plant-based diet, as well as a positive ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for a good brain and hormone function.


  1. Place the desired amount of seeds or nuts into a glass bowl with a larger amount of salted water, as they will absorb and expand, so they must have sufficient space and liquid. The salt we add to the water should be good quality sea salt or Himalayan salt.

  2. It is recommended to replace the water several times and to rinse the nuts or seeds – this way a large part of inhibitors will be removed.

  3. Adjust the soaking time depending on the type of nuts or seeds.

  4. Strain and rinse the nuts or seeds with a large amount of cold water.

  5. We can keep the wet ones in the fridge for only a day or two.

  6. However, if we dry them in the dehydrator or oven at the lowest temperature, we can keep them longer in a glass jar in a cold place.

Nothing will happen if we eat unactivated nuts now and again, but if you have a problem with low mineral value, osteoporosis, anemia, fragile nails and hair, or any intestinal problems, we recommend you try and soak the nuts and seeds before consumption.

If we want to go one step further in increasing the enzymatic and nutritional values, we can germinate seeds or nuts after soaking.



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