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When we are in a time crunch and we just cannot seem to find the time for a longer detox, your body will also be grateful with a one-day fast with water and tea. In spite of the fact that we have an optimal diet, given our energy profile, as determined by the Ayurveda in our bodies, there are ongoing biochemical processes every second, which also generate toxins or ame in Sanskrit. Every time we take food away from our body, our body will be grateful. In particular, our viscera responsible for metabolism such as spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, and small intestines will get some rest during fasting.

In a daily rhythm night - day, sleep is a kind of approximation to the spiritual preparation to fasting, so it comes as no surprise that the true meaning of the word breakfast, - break / fast is breaking the fast. One-day fast is therefore unique for viscera relief. We can fast once a month when we prolong the nighttime fast throughout the day until the next day. Normally we do not perform an enema on a one day fast, but if we wish to cleanse the colon, we can make a sesame enema, as sesame oil binds toxins to itself, which we later excrete with defecating.


Fasting with water only is only sensible when we are healthy, and our blood count is optimal. During the course of the day we may also prepare a clear vegetable soup that matches our physique. We cook the vegetables for 15 minutes, sieve them and drink only the clear liquid. We drink both water and soup warm, as the toxins are more easily eliminated from our body.

Water is the most important, but the quantities are limited. Every hour, we drink about 2 deciliters of warm water to which we can add a few drops of organic lemon juice. Certainly, not half a lemon as some people imagine. Because water carries information, it is reasonable to also drink ''sunbathed'' water. Pour it into a jar and place a suitable crystal on the bottom, then place it on the sun. Ayurveda also advocates boiled water that contains no information.

And how much water do we need to drink? We certainly must not just pour water down our throats, because this will not speed up the elimination of the toxins. We can harm our blood as we dilute it with excessive drinking. One liter a day is more than enough because we also drink cleansing teas during fasting. We always determine the amount of tea, water, and clear soup according to our physique and diagnostic. Vata doshas need less water than pitta and kapha. Pittas already drink a lot of water when they are not fasting, kaphas a little less, and the dominant vatas the least.

Nettle tea will make the detox quicker. This miracle plant is one of the finest blood purifiers and has been used for centuries. Just like ginger, it dissolves mucus and acts anti-inflammatory. It has a wonderful effect on prevention of urine and kidney sand, and it also helps to improve pancreatic function, as nettle tea lowers the levels of blood sugar. The best tea is the one prepared with young nettle shoots in the early spring. We drink it in the morning on an empty stomach with smaller sips, at least 2 cups a day. A cup of ginger tea is also very welcome, as ginger acts anti-inflammatory, it melts and softens mucus. When we are done with the one-day fasting, we start enjoying small portions of food, as large as a fist, because we have stopped digestion for more than 24 hours. During the one day fast, it is reasonable to consider our continued eating habits specific for our physique.


We dedicate this day to our body, we run a horsetail bath that will further relieve the liver and kidney. A walk in the forest will also help. This is called Shinrin yoku in Japanese, which literally means forest bath. Sleep is also particularly important during fasting. The body and all organs are being cleansed and that is why they need enough rest, which means at least 8 hours of sleep a day. And sleep is not only important during detoxification, but also in everyday life. Mainly due to the secretion of melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland sometime between 11 pm and 2 am. Let us take a one-day detox exclusively to rest and to dedicate time to ourselves, our body, thoughts, and spirit.


Bilka Baloh is an independent researcher and a counselor for a healthy and balanced diet, a scholar of Ayurveda, a lecturer and mentor for therapeutic fasting. She is committed to mountains, climbing, yoga, and meditation. She is a visionary who sets her goals high. Her life motto is " Never give up!” She believes that there are no coincidences and that everything in the universe is “on the key.” That life is a predetermined plan we receive at birth and cannot be avoided.

“But we can partially amend it, improve it – by a healthy lifestyle and by ethically sound action towards fellow human beings, animals, nature, and the whole creation. Working on personal development is a healing of past wounds as well as a remedy because all diseases derive from unresolved conflicts that are deeply rooted in our subconsciousness. When we make them aware, when we express our fears, repressed feelings, anger, and distress, we do not only redeem ourselves but also redeem our loved ones. And the key we are all looking for is love for ourselves.''

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