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Spring is awakening, so let us add the warmth of nature into our cups and decorate our dishes with its fresh and inviting colors.

On your next walk in nature, in the meadow, on the banks of the river, or in the forest, look for amazing medicinal plants and herbs. We don't need special tools; we only need a few minutes to pick up tea leaves and avoid unnecessary packaging and unnatural additives which we find in most tea production.

Aphrodite's floral spring suggestions:

Primroses - they are well known for cleaning our kidney, urinary tract, and blood. At the same time, they strengthen our immune system, lungs, heart, and cardiovascular system. And since they nurture our nervous system, they can help us relax in the evenings and with better sleep. We may also use them fresh in our salads and this way add even more vitamin C to our nutrition.

Daisies - instead of making a tiny bouquet, add them to your salad or tea. It helps with anemia, lung, and stomach problems. And they are not only rich in vitamin C, they are also full of healthy acids which act anti-inflammatory and regulate our blood sugar.

Nettle - the queen of herbs, full of iron, calcium, and vitamins B and C. We can consume it in many ways, instead of spinach or as tea. Besides being widely known as detox and kidney cleanse, we also welcome it for its positive effects on our blood, digestion, and liver.

Dandelion - it is very versatile. You may prepare a delicious salad with its leaves, add some warm boiled potato or cooked chickpeas and keep your liver and kidneys healthy. We can also dry the roots, flowers and/or leaves for tea and detoxify our body, speed up the blood cleansing process and improve our metabolism. It is also recommended for diabetics and helps with cartilage regeneration.

When we decide to pick our plants and herbs, we need to pick only the parts we need. Then we can enjoy them fresh or we can dry them in an open space in our house. When we can easily crush them with our fingers, they are dry enough to store in a paper or linen bag and ready to enjoy them all year round. If we feel like drinking warm, herbal tea, we add a teaspoon of the mixture into a cup, pour with 2-3 deciliters of hot water, wait 5 minutes, and take pleasure in its flavors.

Tea shouldn't only be drunk when we feel unwell, we should also enjoy it as a treat. Let nature nurture you with its unique essence.



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