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Preparation time: 40+ min

Difficulty: medium


  • 200 g rose petals - cleaned

  • 600 g sugar

  • lemon juice (1 lemon)

Pick the red or dark pink, distinctly fragrant rose petals (not sprayed) and remove possible insects. The petals are most fragrant when the flower is in its most beautiful bloom and just before the petals start to fall off. Then tear down bottom, white parts of the petals, which are mostly bitter. Weigh the petals, gently wash, and dry.

Add dried rose petals into a bowl. Add 200 g of sugar and pour with lemon juice. Then gently mix everything with your fingers until sugar coats the petals. Leave in the bowl overnight.

The next day, put 6 deciliters of water and remaining sugar to a saucepan. Heat until the sugar melts and then add the rose petals. Bring to a boil and while stirring frequently, cook for 30 minutes until the syrup thickens. Mix the contents with a stick mixer to a consistency of your choice, add to the heat and bring to a boil again.

Wash canning jars with lids thoroughly and place them in the oven, heated to 80°C, for 10 minutes.

Fill the hot jars with hot rose jam. Close them tightly, wrap in a towel and/or blanket and let them cool.

Use your imagination and tailor the recipe to your taste. Enjoy creativity and Bon Appetit.


Tanja Pirc

I am a Bachelor of Economics, specialist in marketing and personal data protection - now also known as a contestant on a popular show MasterChef Slovenia. And yes, I love to cook and experiment with new and different flavors. I respect tradition and everything nature can offer. Local ingredients I can get at a local farm, in the forest, mountains, or grow myself, bring me a lot of joy.

Chocolate pralines and roses have a very special story. I moved to an old, rural cottage 2 years ago and next to the cottage there was a beautiful velvet red rose. Not only did it make my home more beautiful, I also used its most beautiful petals to make jam. Because I adore chocolate and pralines with a special flavor, I courageously added this aromatic mixture to the chocolate.

I invited my friends and they absolutely loved the new taste. This is when the idea that my pralines should be Tanja pralines, has blossomed. You can find more unusual combinations on my web page Maybe you will see that I always create with my heart and joy.


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