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Preparation time: 40+ min

Difficulty: complex

Serves 3

Ingredients for red rolls:

  • ¾ cup sunflower seeds

  • 2 beetroots

  • 2 carrots

  • 1 cup pistachios

  • ¾ cup almonds

  • 1 tbs cumin

  • bunch of cilantro

  • spring onion

  • lemon juice of ½ organic lemon

  • salt and pepper

Soak the sunflower seeds. Peel the beets and carrots, thinly slice them, salt them gently, place everything on the baking tray, and put the tray into a dehydrator and dehydrate for one hour at 115°F/46°C. If you will use an oven, bake the vegetables at 212°F/100°C for about one hour. Mix the vegetables while baking to keep their juiciness.

Add dehydrated vegetables to a food processor and mix them into little pieces. Place everything in a bigger bowl. Mix drained sunflower seeds, pistachios, and almonds in a food processor to get the texture of crumbs and add them to the vegetables. Add cumin, chopped cilantro, spring onion, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Mix the batter well. When you press the batch with your hands it should hold the shape. If the batter is not very juicy, you can add some water. Then form the balls of your preferred size. Dehydrate falafels for at least two hours at 115°F/46°C. Or you can bake them in an oven at 212°F/100°C for about one hour. In this case, balls will not be considered raw. They will lose some color in the oven, so make sure they are golden brown on all sides.

Ingredients for tomato salsa:

  • ½ cup diced tomatoes in a jar

  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes

  • ½ cup soaked sun-dried tomatoes

  • bunch of fresh basil, marjoram, and thyme

  • salt and pepper

Place the diced tomatoes into a bigger bowl, add chopped cherry tomatoes, drained and soaked sun-dried tomatoes, and chopped herbs. Season and mix well. Make sure that salsa is thick.

 Ingredients for the summer salad:

  • 4 cucumbers

  • 1 red pepper

  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes

  • green part of spring onion

  • bunch of dill

  • salt and pepper

Dice the cucumbers and pepper into small cubes, cut tomatoes into rings, and chop the spring onion and dill. Season and mix well.

Place all the ingredients neatly on a plate and serve everything with a spoon of hummus and guacamole.

Use your imagination and tailor the recipe to your taste. Enjoy creativity and Bon Appetit.


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