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Water is one of the most basic needs for both humans and the entire planet. It is an element in which we forget how priceless its value is. The constant circulation of water is what makes life on our planet possible. Our physical body is 70% water. It is present in every cell, every tissue, and every organ of our body. Water has the ability to transmit information and it is the key to a vital and physically healthy body. It has the power to cleanse and the ability to wash away everything that is unnecessary.

The effects of water in our body:

  • it helps to control body temperature

  • it carries nutrients to all cells in our body and it carries oxygen to our brain

  • It enables the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and other substances

  • It removes toxins and waste from the body

  • It acts as a joint and muscle lubricant

  • It protects us from diseases and rejuvenates us

***The recommended daily intake of water for an adult is 2 - 2.5 liters (35 ml of water per kilogram of body weight, quantity depends on a season and physical activity). Avoid drinking cold water. The ideal temperature is 10-20°C.

Water as crystal

Water is a crystal, and according to the crystal memory concept, it stores the memory of events occurring around it. It does not only respond to sound and events, but also to our words or even photographs we attach to the water bottle. We know about experiments in how it can alter the form of the crystals. In his book, ''Message of Water and Space'', Japanese explorer Masaru Emoto proved that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water and he confirmed this with a collection of photographs of water crystals. Crystals respond to our words, thoughts, and emotions. Positive information, such as love and gratitude, creates the most beautiful crystals. Water, to which we add negative information, gives us asymmetrical and misshapen forms of crystals. You can take a look at the photographs of the water crystals here.

What kind of water should you drink?

Viktor Schauberger, Austrian environmentalist and inventor wrote that water is a living substance and that it can “die” if we don't treat it well. He believes that water is born in the forest, it falls like rain, it is filtered through rocks where it collects minerals until it comes to the surface as a spring. Water has all the necessary life sustaining substances in this form. Its vitality depends on its flow. Research has shown that water from the pipeline changes its natural form and energy value. It flows forcefully and in unnatural motion, which nullifies her natural value. Water crystals are therefore deformed and without symmetry. Adding chlorine nullifies the quality of water and, as a result, there are no microorganisms that our body needs. The more chlorine is in the water, the less crystals can the water form. So the water is devitalized and without energy.

Spring water

Spring water is a liquid crystal which brings health and well-being. Water, in nature, forms symmetrical hexagonal crystals full of energy, minerals and higher consciousness of nature. It contains perfect molecules of hydrogen and oxygen, which connect with oxygen in our body, they regulate pH of our body and are vital for healthy functioning of our body, for energy supply and at the same time they rejuvenate us.

We collect the water at the spring on energetically strong dates, which have already been known to ancient people. That is to say that water changes its properties every 27 days and this happens 14 times a year. Prof. Viktor Tsetlin has learned that water has a special structure on these dates, and that electrical conductivity lowers to zero. We call such water holy, as it has a strong cleansing capability and can receive all the information we give it with our thoughts.

Best dates for collecting spring water in 2021:

19/1, 14/2, 12/3, 7/4, 3/5, 29/5, 24/6, 20/7, 15/8, 10/9, 6/10, 1/11, 27/11, 23/12.

*we get the water in the sunset before the date or on the date before noon.

We capture spring water into glass bottles, as glass retains energy and the smooth edges keep the water in harmony. Plastic bottles are not a good choice, since water absorbs chemicals through plastic, as well as it changes its original energy due to irregular forms of the bottle. Keep collected water in a dark and cold place at a temperature from 6 to 9°C. Water can be stored for more than 14 days under these conditions.

Water connects us with the source of our consciousness and keeps us alive. So, let us drink quality water and, if possible, head for a clean spring in nature.


“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself.” - Masaru Emoto


Fereydoon Batmanghelidj: Voda za zdravje in življenje (2006)
Masaru Emoto: Sporočilo vode in vesolja (2009)
Jože Munih: Zdravilni izviri (2012)




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