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Inflammations are the reactions of our immune system. They help our body with eliminating foreign bodies and with healing the damaged tissue. Foreign bodies in our body are pollen, mites, chemicals, pesticides, etc.

The process of a healthy body's natural defenses is acute inflammation, meaning it is intensive and short-lived. The problems arise when the inflammation becomes chronic, which is milder but lasts for a long time. We get to a chronic state because we constantly expose our body to inflammatory molecules. We do that with food, stress, cosmetics, smoking, alcohol, etc.

Inflammation should help with the healing process, but a long term inflammation can cause tissue damage, and therefore a chronic inflammation becomes an autoimmune disease. Chronic inflammation is present with all chronic diseases. They are the cause of different illnesses, such as diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, colitis, Crohn's disease, and many others.

To stop such inflammations we need to change our body's environment by balancing pH levels and with releasing the toxins that accumulated in the tissue. We can achieve this with better stress management, regular physical activity, but most importantly with a healthy diet.

We need to increase anti-inflammatory activities:

  • lots of vegetables (local, ecological, mostly green and leafy),

  • eating plenty of food with a low glycemic index,

  • moxibustion,

  • drinking fresh juices,

  • alkaline baths,

  • eating healthy fat,

  • regular physical activity,

  • using 'clean cosmetics' (without allergens),

  • food with plenty of flavonoids (matcha, turmeric, berries, red cabbage, beetroot, soy),

  • vitamin and mineral intake,

  • good quality sleep,

  • the right combination of macronutrients,

  • consumption of fresh green juices.

To limit:

  • cereals,

  • stress,

  • candy,

  • red meat,

  • trans fat,

  • refined carbohydrates,

  • alcohol,

  • pesticide intake,

  • refined vegetable oils,

  • dairy products,

  • processed, packed food,

  • antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs,

  • cosmetic products with alcohol, formaldehyde, heavy metals, etc.

Chronic inflammations are also related to the risk of psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues*.

Our immune system's job is to protect us when we are in danger, but this is not the case with chronic inflammation when the immune system is getting weaker and starts losing its purpose. When we silence the inflammations in our body, we restore the strength of our organism and allow it to direct our energy where we need it.

Pahawa et al. (2020) ‘Chronic Inflammation’ DOI



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