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The practice of conscious creation with auto-hypnosis

The body is our most wonderful tool; a tightly knit whole that constantly communicates with the whole organism and "hears" our thoughts, feelings, emotions, conversations we have with ourselves and with our whole body, body parts, our idea of ​​ourselves. It hears fears, discomforts, desires, love, joy. Everything. All the cells of your body are your most beautiful powerful tool given to you by Mother Nature. Could there be anything more beautiful in this world? Are we not the most fantastic creation of this Universe; we can consciously manage our tools (body, mind) and nourish them while on the path of serving our soul, which through intuition clearly tells us what we are here for, what is good and right for us and what is not.

The most important dialogue you will ever have is a dialogue with yourself. Every dialogue is (auto)hypnotic and reconciles into our subconscious mind creating our reality. The conversation you have in front of the mirror when you criticize or not accept your body parts, a conversation that reminds you of the painful words of your parents, ex-partners, or acquaintances. Pay attention to these thoughts. I'm sure you would never say the same things to another human, you are telling yourself on a daily basis.

What do you think it would be like if you made a conscious decision and from today on, every un-nice, un-kind, un-gentle, un-respectful thought is caught, stopped and replaced by the opposite: nice, gentle, kind, respectful one? The whole body would hear you and act accordingly by this instruction - energetically, hormonal, mentally. A body that feels safe, loved, accepted, satisfied, and respected responds to it and is available in that form. For you.

I know a great exercise. When looking in the mirror, give yourself at least one compliment. Start with "I love you" and look yourself in the eye. Repeat until you feel the power of the words and internalize them. You can send yourself a kiss. Compliment how sexy, beautiful, fragrant, powerful, invincible you are! Compliment yourself abundantly. It may be difficult at first, but you’ll see, it will become your habit, and with it the creation of your new, more beautiful, better reality; The future.


Movement and correct posture - the stimulator of happiness hormones

Promoting natural opiates, the hormones of happiness

Happiness hormones are those hormones that trigger feelings of peace, contentment, happiness, inspiration, infatuation, love, connection with friends, family, the world, the planet; creating a sense of belonging within us and boost the whole immune system; health, soothe mental and physical pain and have anti-aging and rejuvenating effects.

An interesting fact of the neuropeptides or neurotransmitters (serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin) acting as hormones is that they communicate the current emotional and energetic state of the body and can be influenced. The easiest and fastest way is with specific movements and posture. Americans call the system "Fake it till you make it!" .Individuals and groups have been using this powerful technique; stage speakers or actors, great sellers, even sports teams. A striking example is the dance of Haka, a New Zealand rugby team that dances before the start of a match to an opponent who, due to this powerful dance of unity, often wins before the game begins, as the opponent is energetically disarmed.

How to get these magical compounds, the elixir of well-being?

We know that certain parts of the body store certain feelings, emotions (example; lungs - sadness, liver - anger), and we know that the natural opiates and the immune system are formed in the chest with a certain movement. In yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) we use a variety of techniques, exercises, asanas, but I hereby offer you a gift that will, I hope, remain forever in your memory and therefore life.

People are creatures of habit. We sit quite a lot and sitting properly in a yogic, on the floor in a half or full lotus position or on a chair - is essential for you overall better posture, wellbeing, and the manifestation of tranquillity, peace, hormones of happiness and health.

I am offering you a detailed and powerful recipe for not only healthy and proper sitting but the knowledge you can apply to a walk, yoga practice, stage performances, or dancing.

A sitting pose, basis

1. The pelvis and the tail bone

Position the pelvis and the tail bone as if you had a tail and wanted to push it outback like a cat; in doing so, the abdomen will be pushed slightly forward.

2. The navel - the spine

Imagine there is a string between your navel and your spine. Shorten it to the degree that you feel the muscles of the central -core part of the body activated, thereby aligning the abdomen and spine in an upright, activated posture.

3. The chest

Visualize the elasticity between the navel and the chest. Stretch it to such an extent that the chest is proudly raised up, in order to, if possible, looking graciously into the sky. You can also raise your chin slightly here. Make it proud and comfortable.

It has been proven that the formation of natural opiates, the hormones of happiness, take place, are produced in the area of ​​our chest. When we feel sadness, moodiness, we depress our chest with our shoulders down and hide it, even more with our arms crossed. On the other hand, when we feel happiness or joy, and we wish to greet a person lovingly with a hug, our chest and our arms will widely open into the beginning of the hug, we might even raise them high above our head. And this is how we like to implement, imitate in yoga. We rehearse the natural responses of the body to such an extent that they overwhelm our brains to think and relive joyful, happy, peaceful, loving, and positive feelings, even when we feel differently at the beginning of practice. Introduce your chest awareness to your regular ritual, standing, walking, running, sitting and I'm sure you will benefit the immense positive effects of it ;)

4. Diaphragm - ribs

The diaphragm is our only muscle that expands when used and shrinks when not.

I invite you to focus your attention on your breath and stretch it as much as possible with each inhalation and open your ribs to the side. For a better feeling of the ribs, put your hands on them and breathe so hard they move sideways. If you have well-developed body awareness, you will feel that you can simultaneously send your breath to the back of your lungs, too, imagining breathing into the upper half of your back. When feeling restless, this practice will very effectively calm your body and mind.

Inhale should be controlled, slow, and calm through the nose in and out. Exhalation is always slightly longer than inhalation. Put this knowledge into practice so that more oxygen will flow into your lungs, thus the body can boost health and vital energy.

5. Shoulders should be put in every pose, sitting, walking, or dancing - away from your ears.

When our body is stressed, our shoulders rise to our ears. What I have noticed in many years with my students, clients is that this human habit "scatters" all over the world and is in common to almost every person. May it be your powerful medicine for reducing stress and boosting self-esteem that enhances our sense of worth, confidence, pride, health, and peace.

6. I invite you to bring the shoulder blades closer to each other, either for a millimeter or two, which will slowly become centimeters with practice, or it will be an easy move. Your elbows will want to follow; listen to them by positioning them gently and naturally back with your shoulder blades movement, resting your palms wherever they fit.

7. Keep your neck long, imitate a turtle or a giraffe, and let your neck show your confidence, pride, and grace. Keep your chin slightly up and feel the invisible mighty force pulling you higher up into the sky through the crown of your head.

8. Visualize a golden, healing luminous thread that travels from Mother Earth through the soles of the feet through your tail bone across your spine, every disc and vertebra, to the crown of your head and travels high into the sky stretching your spine into an upright and confident posture pulling you mightily into the Universe while your mother Earth nourishes and connects you to the physical planet and its gifts.

The connection, the thread, is as wide as you need it to be, you can color it into your favorite colors, add the scent you love to it, the temperature that nourishes your body giving you a sense of security, integrity, peace, and bliss. You can increase it to such an extent that all the cells of your beautiful body are absorbed by these light, scent, and temperature with the power that your whole body shines like a beautiful mighty healthy and proud sun!

Focus on each inhale bringing you a sense of freedom, power, grace, joy, future, kindness, juiciness, sensuality, sex appeal, bravery, stability, security, connection with all living beings, and with the beautiful generous planet on which your body now lives. While exhaling focus on letting go of anything that does not fit into your body or life. Thoughts, habits, relationships. After each exhalation, you feel cleaner, lighter, calmer, safe and free, playful, and joyful.

Remember the feel of this energy and attitude, embrace it and take it with you into the world observing how juicy, playful and astonishingly productive it is & and you with it;)

"Only a disciplined heart can be virtuous" - a Taoist proverb



Anja Bohinc Bojetu

You can follow or contact her on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or join on her new

21. Day online University with meditation, yoga, and tantra starting May 3rd in Slovenian language.

Anja was a very successful Latin American dancer with a black belt in karate, but a severe car accident left her in a coma and later with no sense of touch through hands and feet. She recovered with studying and practicing yoga, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, hypnotherapy and psychology, quantum physics, and after graduation at the Oregon Institute of Oriental Medicine – “Molecules of Emotions” and Yoga Alliance RYT in Hawaii, she now teaches Olympic athletes, martial arts masters, pilots, and people with more complex health issues around the world inspiring people to get healthier, better and fuller life as a better version of them selfs.

As a National Geographic Ambassador (video), she is now also raising awareness within the global pledge Planet or Plastics initiative, but creating, living, and working as a Head of Media at a marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain.



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